City Government and Municipal Services

This page of the City of Fairland web site is used to communicate city notices, ordinances, and other items of interest to our residents.

Questions about any item on this page should be directed to city hall, 918-676-3636, or email

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees, (L-R) Lee Hall, Jr., Lisa Jewett, Mayor Mark Goode, Cheryl Pelham, City Clerk, Forrest Stoots, and Charles Mathis.

The Board of Trustees meets every 2nd Thursday of the month in 2016 at 7:00PM. The Fairland Public Works Authority meets on the same evening immediately afterwards.

Members of the Fairland Board of Trustees:
Seat 2 – Lee Hall, Jr./Parks and Cemetery Commissioner/term expires 2019
Seat 4 – Lisa Jewett, Mayor Pro Tem/Fire Commissioner/term expires 2017
Seat 3 – Mark Goode, Mayor/Police Commissioner/term expires 2017
Seat 1 – Forrest Stoots/term expires 2017
Seat 5 – Charles Mathis/Street Commissioner/term expires 2019

Additional city positions include: City Clerk - Cheryl Pelham; Chief of Police - Aaron Richardson; Fire Chief - Jeff Reynolds; and Floodplain Manager - Lisa M. Jewett.

Board of Trustees Meeting Notices


Ordinance Books. City Ordinance Books may be reviewed during normal business hours (9:00 a.m. to noon and from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.). Ordinances copies are available at .25 cents per page. Please check with City Hall to determine which ordinance may be applicable to your requirement.

Pets/Leash Law. Pets must be vaccinated and a pet tag purchased ($2.50 for each pet – upon proof of rabies vaccination). The City of Fairland leash lawstates that the owner of any pet running at large will be fined by the police and the animal confined.  Cost of pick up is $10.00 per animal and $3.00 per day board per animal. All fines must be paid, and the animal must receive a rabies vaccination, prior to return of the animal.

Cemetery. The City of Fairland cemetery is located at 18950 South 580 Road. Cemetery planting or construction of benches, or any changes, must be approved by the Board of Trustees. For more information regarding the City of Fairland Cemetery click here.

City Licenses

Occupation Licenses. The City of Fairland requires an Occupation License for any business established within the city Limits. Licenses must be acquired prior to a business opening, and must be renewed each fiscal year. Business owners may register their business at the Fairland City Hall. Typical license costs are: $10.00 for most businesses; $30.00 for Stores selling beer/wine coolers etc.; $50.00 for a beer/wine cooler bar; $150.00 for a retail package store or a bar that sells alcoholic beverages by the drink.

Utility Turn On Deposits

Deposits. Utility deposits may be made at the Fairland City Hall during the hours of 9:00 a.m. to noon and from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Deposits are not refundable until turned off. Deposit returns will have any current usage fees owed the city deducted. The turn on fee of $12.50 (included in the gas deposit., i.e. $150.00 gas deposit and $12.50 turn on fee = $162.50) will not be refunded.

Water. The deposit for water (includes sewer and trash service) is $75.00.
Gas. The deposit for gas is $162.50.

Minimum fees. $11.00 for water; $19.25 for sewer; and $5.00 for gas per month. 

Utility Billing and Line Maintenance. The City of Fairland contracts with Crafton Pump Service for utility billing and line maintenance. Crafton Pump Service is located at 19055 S. Hwy 125, telephone 918-676-3662. 

Tapping Fees. Tapping fees must be paid at city hall. The fees are as follows: $450.00 gas, $450.00 water, and $450.00 for sewer. After payment of fees, Crafton Pump Service will be notified. Line tapping is not permitted unless performed/inspected by Crafton’s.

Municipal Services

City Hall – 918-676-3636, 918-676-3621
Hours of business: Mon thru Fri – 9am-12pm/closed noon/1pm-4pm
Fire Dept. – 911
Police Dept. – 911, Non-emergency
918-676-3005 or 918-542-5585


Utilities Billing: Crafton Pump Service

Electric: City – Empire District Electric
Electric: Adjacent – Rural Electric Coop
(REC) 1-800-256-6405
Gas & Water – Fairland Public Works
918-676-3636. Gas deposit $162.50
Water deposit $75.00 (includes Sewer,
Sanitation & Fire Protection)
Garbage Service – Republic Services
1-800-432-1507, Holiday Schedule PDF
Cable TV – Allegiance Communications

Public Schools

Superintendent – 918-676-3811
High School918-676-3224
Elementary School918-676-3924


Assembly of God – 918-676-3564
First Baptist918-676-3763
First United Methodist918-676-3628
St. Paul's Lutheran918-676-3059
Fairland Holiness918-676-3454
First Christian – 918-676-3425
Mennonite – 918-676-5000
House of Prayer – 918-257-4586

Senior Citizens Center

Senior Citizens Center – 918-676-6525,
Wayne Rhinehart, Director.

The Center serves dinners at 485 North Main on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays beginning at 11:40 a.m. All dinners are "by donation" with a suggested amount of $3.50. Meals are delivered within a 2 mile radius and also to the homebound.

Periodic health screenings are offered for hearing, vision, and blood pressure. Available at the Center are exercise equipment (treadmill), a piano, TV, puzzles, and an area for quilting activities.

Health Services

Integris Baptist Hospital/Miami
Integris Baptist Hospital/Grove


City of Fairland Cemetery

Caretaker 918-848-0183

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